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Nutrition Services

Good nutrition equals good results. We all know that a healthy, balanced diet is the basis for a healthy life. This is even more important in a healthcare setting.

Your healing and recovery can be directly affected by your nutritional intake. But we also know that happiness and satisfaction play a big role in the overall progress of your treatment. That’s why we have a balanced, realistic approach to the nutrition services we provide.

It begins with getting to know you. Our highly trained dietitian and diet clerks will chat with you about your eating patterns and what your dietary preferences are. We will do a nutrition-focused physical exam (NFPE), which is the current best practice in clinical procedures for medical nutrition therapy. This helps us determine your nutritional status by detecting any signs of malnutrition, nutrient deficiencies, or nutrient toxicities. Then we speak with your physicians, our medical and nursing staff, and support clinicians, as needed, to get a complete picture of your dietary requirements. With all of that, we will balance your wants and needs and give you the best nutritional care to satisfy your body and your spirit.

Our job, as nutrition experts, is to contribute to your wellbeing.

“Health at every size,” is our objective. To achieve this, we work as a team to support your health goals. You are the center of our team. We will actively listen to you. We want to learn about and understand your lifestyle choices and possible environmental barriers. Then we can make good personalized nutrition recommendations to help you achieve your health and recovery goals. Whether you are a patient in the hospital, a member of staff, an outpatient from our community, or a visitor to our area – we are here to assist, encourage, and empower you to live a healthier, happier life.

Our job is so much more than just cooking and serving a plate of food. We structure everything we do around the latest research in nutrition therapy and food safety. We prepare and serve up to 300 meals a day. About 50 of these are delivered to hospital patients daily and the balance is eaten by the hospital and clinic staff that cares for you, and visitors to our facility.

Our menus are carefully planned to provide a balanced diet that can then be customized for each patient. Meals are adapted for a variety of circumstances that include; diabetic requirements, lactation needs, swallowing disorders, weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain, and many more patient-specific conditions.

When you are a patient on one of our hospital nursing floors, we monitor all your food and liquid consumption and track the results of your specific diet. This allows us to establish patterns and adjust your nutrient intake for better recovery and improved health. It is in your interest that we try to prevent you from consuming meals or treats brought in by family or friends, but when this happens we keep a record of it too. Your recovery, and the health and safety of everyone on our healthcare campus, is our primary concern.

Continuing education is provided for all our staff and, as a team, we hold some of the highest qualifications in dietetics. All our kitchen staff is certified food handlers, and we follow strict USDA food safety guidelines. We track food recalls and constantly monitor procedures for infection control.  

As the focus of our team effort is you, you are as important to us when you get home, as you are when you are here. We will listen to you, understand your wants and needs, and give you the tools to achieve your recovery and ongoing health goals.

Talk to us. Let our team help you to learn more about nutrition and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.