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Transform Your Holiday Leftovers

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  • Written By: Lindsey K. Hughes, RDN
Transform Your Holiday Leftovers

We run across the same problem every year….loads of leftover holiday feast to consume. Who wants to relive Thanksgiving every day for the next week? Not I! Let’s talk about how to transform our festive food into fun and healthy holiday mash-ups.


  1. Elevate Your Eggs: Toss in some shredded turkey or ham with sautéed veggies into omelets, frittatas, or quiches.
  2. Holiday Hash: Add a touch of autumn to your morning with some sweet potatoes, green beans and eggs.
  3. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie: Combine a scoop of pie filling with greek yogurt and your choice of milk for a quick on the go breakfast delight. Add in some veggies for a boost of nutritional benefits.
  4. Cranberry Parfait: Layer cranberry sauce with your choice of yogurt. Top with granola and chopped nuts. Mix in chia seeds for added fiber and protein.


  1. Veg Out: Reduce portions of high calorie favorites by adding fresh or frozen vegetables to leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing or creamy soups.
  2. Make it Fresh Again: Use shredded turkey or cut up ham over a fresh bed of mixed greens and your favorite salad fixings.
  3. Carcass Creations: Use the turkey carcass to make your own stock. Ham hock is traditionally used in split pea soup….try it in a lentil soup. Lentils are an excellent source of protein and fiber!
  4. Sandwich Savvy: get creative with your sandwich creations.
    1. Elevated Grilled Cheese: use a gourmet cheese and make a panini with your turkey or ham.
    2. That’s a Wrap: add some fresh cut veggies and shredded meat to a tortilla or whole wheat pita for a fresh take on Thanksgiving. Use your favorite condiment to moisten the palate and add some flavor.
    3. Salad Sliders: use leftover holiday meat in place of the chicken in your favorite chicken salad recipe. Use some cranberry sauce as a condiment for an added punch of tartness. Scoop the salad onto a bed of greens for a fresher, lighter meal. Recipe here.

About Lindsey K. Hughes, RDN

Lindsey K. Hughes in a RDN at Northern Inyo Healthcare District. To learn more about Nutritional Services click here.