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Compassionate Child Birth Services

We understand that preparing for birth is an exciting and stressful time. Mom and family can rest easy knowing our perinatal team assists with the birth of more than 200 babies each year. Our birthing suites are large, private rooms with several amenities to make the stay more comfortable for mom and baby. We help moms prepare for the birth of their baby through education and breast-feeding support classes.

Work Closely With Your Obstetrician

Your obstetrician or nurse midwife will be your main point of contact for prenatal and birthing care. She/he will be responsible for performing check-ups during pregnancy and ensuring the safety of mother and child as the date of delivery draws closer.

It is important that you feel comfortable speaking freely with your obstetrician or nurse midwife. If you have questions or concerns about pregnancy or the birthing process, this is the person best equipped to provide you with the answers you need. Your obstetrician or nurse midwife will know your medical history, your birthing preferences, and be up-to-date on the latest developments regarding your pregnancy. Make sure your obstetrician or nurse midwife is someone you trust and can make you feel comfortable.

Why Choose Northern Inyo Healthcare District?

We support and empower mothers to be prepared and confident about her birthing and breastfeeding experience. Raising a baby is a new experience, which is why we practice skin-to-skin contact between mom and her baby. We encourage rooming-in to ensure a healthy start for your newborn and your relationship with your newborn. We believe that every parent should have access all the tools and resources needed for a safe and happy birth experience.