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NIHD Kitchen: Candied Fruit Peel

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  • Written By: Thomas Warner, NIHD Dietary Manager
NIHD Kitchen: Candied Fruit Peel

Our NIHD Dietary Manager, Thomas Warner shares this recipe: Candied Fruit Peel. Candied Orange Peels are beautiful, festive, and are full of nutrients. The orange peel has more vitamin C than the actual fruit of the orange. Likewise, the fruit peel also has about three times as much the amount of Vitamin A, B-Complex, and minerals such as manganese, calcium, and zinc.


  • 3 Whole Citrus Fruit, Washed
  • 2 Cups Sugar, for the 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Cup Water, in a Sauté Pan
  • 2 Cups Sugar, in a Separate Container for Dredging


  • Wash and Dry Your Citrus Fruit
  • Use a Vegetable Peeler and Peel Top Down to Get Strips
  • Bring Two Pots of Water to a Boil
  • Add the Peel to One of the Pots of Water & Blanch for 15 Minutes
  • When Time Is Up, Remove from Pot and Put Peel in the 2nd Pot of Boiling Water
  • Blanch for 15 Minutes
  • After 15 Minutes, Remove From the Pot and Put Peel in the 2nd Pot of Water
  • Remove Water from 1st Pot and Replace With Clean Water & Bring To A Boil Again
  • Repeat Process in Blanching a 3rd Time for 15 Minutes
  • Drain Peel after 3rd Blanching and Put to the Side

  • Combine 2 Cups of Sugar and 1 Cup of Water to a Sauté Pan and Bring to a Boil
  • When at a Boil Add Blanched Peel and Reduce Heat to Med-Low
  • Cook in Sugar Water until at Brix Stage, (Large Bubbles Starting to Get Thick) Around 10-15 Minutes
  • Put Separate 2 Cups of Sugar in a Flat Bottom Container
  • When the 15 Minutes has elapsed the Peel will Be Tender and Translucent, Remove from the Sugar Water and Place into the Container of Sugar
  • Coat the Peel in the Sugar on both Sides and Place on a Foiled Sheet Pan to Cool
  • Place the Sheet Pan in the Fridge to Cool for 2 hours
  • Remove the Peel from the Fridge and Place in an Air Tight Container in the Fridge for up to Two Weeks