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Returning to Exercise After Surgery

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Returning to Exercise After Surgery

Easing Back to an Active Lifestyle After Surgery

While many people think you should take it easy for a while following a surgical procedure, the opposite holds true. But you may find yourself wondering how you can return to physical activity safely. The health experts at Northern Inyo Hospital are here to share some tips to help you ease back into activity after surgery.

The Importance of Moving Around After Surgery

Although it’s important to get plenty of rest following a surgical procedure, it’s also important to get up and move around. Some of the many benefits of returning to an active lifestyle following a surgical procedure include:

  • Improved circulation.
  • Maintaining range of motion.
  • Improving flexibility.
  • Preventing future injury.

Tips for Safely Returning to Activity

Along with the aftercare instruction outlined by your doctor and your surgical care team, these tips can help you to ease your way back into physical activity:

Take it Slow

If you lead an active lifestyle before having surgery, you may be eager to return to your regular fitness routine. However, it’s important that you take it slow and build up the intensity of your workouts over time. Try starting out with taking a walk for 15 to 30 minutes a day, increasing your duration and intensity gradually.

Start With Low-Impact Activities

When returning to activity, it’s important to engage in workouts that are easy on your joints and major muscle groups. This helps to avoid complications with your surgical site while still working toward your fitness goals.

Some excellent low-impact activities to try include:

  • Yoga
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Tai chi
  • Swimming
  • Walking

Don’t Ignore Your Pain

If you notice any aches and pains while exercising, it is important that you don’t push through them or ignore them. Stop activity immediately and speak with your doctor if the pain is related to your surgical site.

Rehabilitation Services in Bishop, CA

At Northern Inyo Healthcare District, our team of orthopedists take a holistic approach to care, focusing on you as a whole person rather than specific symptoms or conditions. We provide therapeutic services, working cooperatively with physicians, nursing staff, diagnostic imaging, environmental services, nutritional services, information technology and all hospital units – doing whatever is needed to achieve total patient care.

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