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DelRossi installs new NIH Auxiliary leaders, credits volunteers with continued successes

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DelRossi installs new NIH Auxiliary leaders, credits volunteers with continued successes

NIHD Chief Executive & Financial Officer Stephen DelRossi, right, swears in the 2024-2025 NIH Auxiliary leadership. From left, Sharon Moore who was standing in for Recording Secretary Betty Dickey; Corresponding Secretary Carole Sample; President Karen Benson; Treasurer Laile Giansetto; and Vice President Marti Witters. Photo by Barbara Laughon/Northern Inyo Healthcare District

The Northern Inyo Hospital Auxiliary, a cornerstone of support for Northern Inyo Healthcare District (NIHD), recently ushered in a new era of leadership. Last Thursday, during the organization's annual luncheon at the Bishop Country Club, new officers were installed to guide the Auxiliary in its mission to enhance the patient experience and support NIHD's endeavors.

The new NIH Auxiliary leadership, from left, Corresponding Secretary Carole Sample; Vice President Marti Witters; President Karen Benson; and Treasurer Laile Giansetto. Not shown Recording Secretary Betty Dickey. Photo by Barbara Laughon/Northern Inyo Healthcare District

At the luncheon, NIHD Chief Executive & Financial Officer Stephen DelRossi presided over the installation ceremony, officially swearing in the new officers. Leading the Auxiliary into this new chapter are President Karen Benson; Vice President Marti Witters; Treasurer Laile Giansetto; Recording Secretary Betty Dickey, and Corresponding Secretary Carole Sample.

The installation marks a significant transition, as Judy Fratella, who served as President, and Sharon Moore, who held the positions of Treasurer and Boutique Chairperson, stepped down after more than a decade of dedicated service. Both Fratella and Moore were pivotal in the Auxiliary's success, dedicating countless hours to support NIHD and the communities it serves. In recognition of their unwavering commitment, each woman received roses during the luncheon.

The NIH Auxiliary honored outgoing officers Sharon Moore and Judy Fratella with beautiful rose arrangements for their more than a decade-long service. Photo by Barbara Laughon/Northern Inyo Healthcare District

Since its establishment in 1963, the Northern Inyo Hospital Auxiliary has raised more than $785,000 to acquire needed equipment that falls outside the District's budget. These acquisitions have not only improved the patient experience during the last 60 years, but have also been crucial for the well-being of the community relying on NIHD's services.

Many of the essential services and resources taken for granted today have roots in the early support of the NIH Auxiliary. From organizing community blood drives and fundraising teas to facilitating healthcare educational programs, the Auxiliary has played a crucial role in these initiatives' inception and development. Their contributions have led to significant purchases, including breast health screening equipment, ultrasound machines, defibrillators, patient lifts, immuno-analyzers, high-resolution surgery monitors, baby bassinettes with cardio monitors, and an array of lobby furnishings.

The Auxiliary funds its efforts through various activities, including operating the NIH Gift Shop, which sells a variety of items, including baby clothing, decorative goods, and See's Candy, year-round. The group also hosts its annual arts and crafts boutique each November, which remains one of its key moneymakers. These fundraising endeavors are vital to the Auxiliary's ability to support NIHD and its patients.

During the luncheon, several members were recognized for their outstanding commitment. New members Linda Dionne and Laile Giansetto were honored for contributing 100 hours each in their first year. President Karen Benson was acknowledged for an impressive 1,000 hours since joining. Betty Dickey was honored for her extraordinary dedication with 6,000 hours, outgoing President Judy Fratella recorded a remarkable 13,000 hours, and outgoing Treasurer Sharon Moore garnered an exceptional 20,000 hours of service. This year alone the group gave 3,637 hours to the effort.

In an emotional address to the group, Fratella, a retired educator, expressed her unwavering commitment to the Auxiliary, stating, "My heart is always with the auxiliary, and if there is a need for something, anything that I can offer, I will always be there."

DelRossi noted that the NIH Auxiliary embodies the spirit of those who established NIHD in 1946. “Many healthcare organizations today rely on volunteers like those in the NIH Auxiliary, and those on the NIH Foundation, to help reach future goals,” DelRossi said. “In rural America, healthcare faces numerous challenges at every turn. It's reassuring to see that those who benefit from these services are still eager to come forward and contribute, ensuring a better healthcare future for all.”

The Northern Inyo Hospital Auxiliary welcomes new members who are interested in making a difference in their community. For more information about joining the Auxiliary, please contact Karen Benson at (760) 872-1495.