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Benefits of Morning Stretches

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Benefits of Morning Stretches

How You Can Benefit from Stretching to Start Your Day

Many of us get out of bed and give our upper bodies a little stretch by extending our arms above our heads and out to the side. But did you know that stretching your whole body before you start your day can support your orthopedic health? Learn more about how starting your day with dynamic stretches can help to support your musculoskeletal health.

Increases Blood Flow

Practicing dynamic stretching at the beginning of your day can help to support better circulation, subsequently increasing blood flow to your muscles. This allows your body to maintain healthy oxygen levels throughout your body, allowing your muscles to function properly.

Improve Range of Motion and Flexibility

Stretching to start your day is an excellent way to warm up your muscles and loosen up stiff joints. Not only does this increase your range of motion, allowing you to perform everyday activities with more ease, it also helps to improve your flexibility over time.

Prevents and Reduces Pain

When you consistently have tight muscles and joints, it can result in pain in various parts of your body—especially the back. By starting your day with stretches that target various muscle groups, you can effectively release that tension.

Improves Posture

Stiffness and tension in your muscles can also cause poor posture. When you stretch your back at the beginning of your day, you can encourage proper alignment of your spine and help to improve your posture over time.

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