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How PT Helps the Recovery After Surgery

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How PT Helps the Recovery After Surgery

Physical Therapy & Recovery

Depending on your surgical procedure, physical therapy is often recommended to aid in the recovery process—and for good reason! The health experts at Northern Inyo Hospital are here to break down the ways that a PT prescription can aid in the recovery process.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists are medical professionals who help injured people manage their pain or improve their flexibility and motion range. While you can be prescribed physical therapy by your doctor for many reasons, some of the most common reasons to see a physical therapist include:

  • To aid in recovery from an injury.
  • To aid in recovery from a surgical procedure.
  • To manage chronic pain.
  • To treat incontinence issues.
  • To improve athletic performance.

Overall, physical therapy aims to help improve your musculoskeletal health through guided exercise, movement, and education of the patient.

Why is PT Prescribed After Certain Procedures?

Depending on the type of surgical procedure you’ve had, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy to help aid in the recovery process. Yo0ur physical therapist will work with you to evaluate your current condition and develop a unique set of exercises, stretches, and movements that will help you meet your goals.

Some of the many benefits of physical therapy after surgery include:

  • Improved mobility and range of motion.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Pain management and elimination.
  • Building up supportive muscles.
  • Improved balance and coordination.

Rehabilitation Services in Bishop, CA

At Northern Inyo Healthcare District, our team of orthopedists take a holistic approach to care, focusing on you as a whole person rather than specific symptoms or conditions. We provide therapeutic services, working cooperatively with physicians, nursing staff, diagnostic imaging, environmental services, nutritional services, information technology and all hospital units – doing whatever is needed to achieve total patient care.

For more information about the rehabilitation services at Northern Inyo Healthcare District or to schedule an appointment, call (760) 873-2605.